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…Mr. Sheehan is a highly competent practicing attorney. He has appeared before me on several occasions in significant cases, and his broad exposure, experience, and knowledge in all areas of law, particularly in the area of family law, is exceptional.

…This in reference to attorney Jeffrey Sheehan who was a practicing attorney here in Maryland for fifteen years prior to his relocation to Idaho in August, 2005. As a domestic relations practitioner, Mr. Sheehan represented clients involved in all aspects of divorce and custody litigation. I have had many opportunities to observe and work with Mr. Sheehan, both in the courtroom and in chambers, and find that he is a well-prepared, knowledgeable, and skilled advocate. His reputation for integrity is excellent and his professional demeanor enables him to work well with attorneys and a diversity of clients. Mr. Sheehan is also a very reasonable and effective negotiator who is thoughtful and courteous in his dealings with litigants and counsel and demonstrates a genuine desire to help his clients and their families resolve their domestic difficulties with as little animus as possible. I have found Mr. Sheehan to be both attentive to the needs and concerns of the parties to a domestic dispute and diligent and creative in his efforts to help the parties reach a reasonable resolution.

-Master Joan E. Ryon, Family Division Master, April 17, 2006
Circuit Court for Montgomery County, Maryland

As a practicing attorney in Montgomery County, Maryland, Mr. Sheehan earned the utmost respect of the bench and bar and the community as well. I have no reservations as to Mr. Sheehan’s qualifications, professionalism, and expertise as a practicing attorney. Moreover, Mr. Sheehan’s moral character is beyond reproach.

-The Honorable S. Michael Pincus, March 16, 2006
Associate Judge, Circuit Court for Montgomery County, Maryland

…Mr. Sheehan was a practicing attorney here in Maryland for many years. I have known him throughout his legal career and he has appeared before me many times. He is an experienced and highly regarded family attorney. Because of his skill, legal knowledge, and even-handed temperament, he was often appointed by the court to handle sensitive matters in complex family cases…

-The Honorable James L. Ryan, March 16, 2006
Associate Judge, Circuit Court for Montgomery County, Maryland

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